worldradiodayMontreal, February 11, 2016. On February 13, the world gets together to celebrate the fifth edition of World Radio Day (WRD). On this occasion, the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) reaffirms the vital role of community radio.


In times of emergency and disaster, radio has demonstrated to be a fast an effective tool to reach a vast number of people. Access to information and communication becomes even more critical in times of crisis. Community radios, because they are deeply rooted and engaged in their communities, play an important role in reassuring the population, guiding them towards available resources and creating a dialogue. These radios are agents of change; they are accessible, open, empowering and diverse.


As mentioned by Emmanuel Boutterin, AMARC’s President:


Community radio stations play an essential role in informing and protecting people in times of crisis. States have a duty to ensure a fair place on the FM spectrum, and to ensure the safety of journalists and workers who are daily on the ground in difficult conditions.


In the past year, the community radio sector faced numerous difficulties, from changing technologies, to violence against journalists, to natural disasters, etc. Through various partnerships and projects, AMARC has worked towards improving the conditions of the community radios facing difficulties. Mentoring and trainings have been conducted in several regions to improve the capacities of journalists; reconstruction of community radios is ongoing in Nepal; and AMARC has advocated for the improvement of the security of local and community journalists on the international scene.


On World Radio Day, join AMARC and celebrate the importance of community radio as a vital tool to promote gender equality, to facilitate access to information, to maintain the viability of independent media, to ensure safety of journalists and to protect freedom of expression.


Throughout the day on February 13, use the hashtags #WRD_AMARC, #WorldRadioDay and #RadioSavesLives to identify your posts on social networks. You can also visit AMARC’s campaign page to listen and download thematic audios produced by community radio stations. Want to add yours? Please see the details here.


On February 13, let’s celebrate community radio together! Join us! Thank you for your participation!


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