Between 6th and 9th of November, the German Community Media Conference organized by the Bundesverband Freier Radios (BFR) took place in Potsdam. Broadcasters around Europe took part in debates, workshops and panel discussions around the exchanging of ideas and practices in relation to communication policies, free broadcasting, technological tools and citizens´ involvement in community media. For more information on the panels, the content of the discussions or final conclusions, please, visit their webpage here.

The BFR invited the President of AMARC Europe, Sally Galliana, to participate in the opening discussion, she spoke about the right to communicate and alternative approaches for the community radio broadcasting sector. The content of the panel discussion can be followed in the videos below:

Part one: 

Part two:

Also, AMARC Europe had the opportunity to attend the Community Media Forum of Europe (CMFE) General Assembly. The focus this year was on how CMFE will move forward and the approval of reports, budgets and plans for 2015, and the lection of new representatives to new CMFE Board.

Moreover, AMARC Europe decided to organise a Board of Directors meeting in Berlin in order to  evaluate the current year and discuss priorities, activities, action plan and internal and external communications plans for 2015. Many thanks to the BRF for the trust and the support offered.