Despite the strong desire for participation, in the public and private sphere,  media keep being dominated mainly by men and a balanced gender representation remains an issue: stereotypes and a limited interpretation of gender problems are the main challenges to face .

For the latest generation of young women, new technologies are an opportunity to overcome these barriers and to have access  to public media platforms.

The project is addressed to community radio broadcasters involved in promoting the empowering of women through training and information in Africa, with a particular focus in North African Countries involved in the Arabic Spring Movement.

It will be based upon a specialized technical training for women through a dedicated e-learning platform provided by Elenos.

The Amarc Europe Women Network will accompany these broadcasters in the development of radio formats dedicated to support women’s empowerment and the participation of women in the public sphere.

It is precisely the emphasis on training which is the main meeting point between Elenos and Amarc. Both organisations believe that training is not just a starting point, but rather a creative and innovative way to encourage women participation and leadership. The democratizing potential of this principle is to promote the empowerment of women through their recognition as active citizens.

At the end of the training, Elenos will donate to the best women radio project a 500W FM transmitter.