Más que 40 gente de 13 países, incluyendo invitados de Camerún y Argentina, came together at the General Assembly of AMARC on 24º del mes de octubre 2016 en el pabellón, Alemania. Como AMARC Europa no tuvo éxito en sus esfuerzos para encontrar fondos para la reunión, the AMARC board decided to hold the general assembly and board elections at this particular point because of financial opportunities offered by the Radio Revolten International Radio Arts Festival that very generously contributed to the venue and food costs for the participants.

The assembly started with the welcome words and a short introduction into the venue, festival and the agendas of the assembly and conference the nest day. After fixing the administrative matters (acta, electoral committee) the assembly received the activity report of the executive board and an overview over the financial situation. Francesco Diasio (former AMARC Europe coordinator and current AMARC International Secretary General) presented a summary of the MEDNET proyecto que fue el proyecto internacional de AMARC Europa participó en los últimos dos años.

Then the assembly discussed steps to move forward especially the question of increasing membership fees to collect at least enough financial resources to cover the annual costs of our organisation (office, accountant, etcétera). It was unanimously agreed that the increase of the membership fee would only take place to justify according to services provided by AMARC Europe to our members. Different options were discussed and at the end the assembly gave the mandate to the new board to find the best solution for a fair balanced membership fee according the financial situation of each member.

Then the new board was elected. The nominees were: Isabel Lema Blanco (fm Quack), Xenia Helms (PiRadio), Eric Lucas (SNRL), Aitor Erazkin (Antxeta Irratia), Chris Wohlwill (Onda del desierto), Michael Nicolai (Radio Corax) and Sylvain Rodison (Dificultades) – All candidates were elected and the executive board consists of Michael Nicolai (Presidenta), Chris Wohlwill (Vicepresidente) and Isa Lema (Tesorero), while former President Sally Galiana will be member of the board ex-officio for another year. Xenia will take the responsibility to rebuild the European women network in AMARC Europe.


Some of the issues discussed during the strategic plan meeting included the need to lobby European institutions to advocate for the recognition and sustainability of community radio,