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AMARC Europa Boletín 07/2019


Article by Sally Galiana

AMARC Argentina members gathered in mid-June to share knowledge, prácticas y realidades, and participate in intense debates around the right to communication in Argentina.

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Proyectos y actividades de AMARC Europa

Grassroots Wavelength Project: Grassroots Radio on the right wavelength

base de Radio is growing and advancing in the three locations of Bere Islands (Irlanda), Madeira (Portugal), and in Sfantu Gheorghe and Varvoru de jos (Rumania).

Bere Island Community Radio held their third broadcast on May 19th, broadcasting on 100.1FM locally and worldwide on the Internet.  The three-hour show was co-presented by two island women, Eileen Murphy and Angela Sullivan.  As Ireland has local and European elections on May 24th the programme featured interviews with local candidates, with particular reference to how their mandates will influence the island, and wider Beara community. Bere Island Projects Group are continuing to work with Grassroots Radio to and RootIO to test the RootIO system, and plan to broadcast using RootIO in the coming weeks.

On May 30th and June 1st we have welcomed two new community radios in Europe, with the Romanian stations of Sfantu Gheorghe and Varvoru de Jos on air on the 89.9 y 106 Mhz FM frequency, respectivamente. La RootIO technology, still in its experimenting phase, reacted very well to the diversity of inputs although local networking problems have sometimes cut the parallel internet streaming.

Meanwhile, the Grassroots Radio team in Madeira has been doing many activities in Curral das Freiras, una parroquia civil de aproximadamente 2000 inhabitants in the centre of the island and the location of one of the project radio stations. The project team has met several people in the town, including parish, profesores, representatives of local associations and community members while assembling the microstation and antenna on the top of the mountain to stream the transmission.

We are constantly monitoring all the activities and exchanging views on the work done in the different pilot sites. We are willing to keep up the good work along the summer and we are looking forward to the next update
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INTELIGENTE: Pilot Training in Budapest

Desde 4 – 7 Junio 2019 el equipo alrededor del INTELIGENTE Erasmus+ project held its first training of trainer pilot workshop in Budapest, Hungría. El taller de capacitación fue sede 10 los participantes de Hungría, Alemania, Austria, Suiza, Suecia, Dinamarca, Ireland and the Bask country to test and assess the developed training and gain important feedback on the next steps of the development of the training modules. AMARC Europe and CMFE presented a discussion paper on training certification in the context of community media. Here are some impressions from the training course in Budapest .
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International Community Mediascape

Honduras: the Latin American Association of Education and Popular Communication calls for protection of Radio Progreso

ALER (Asociación Latinoamericana de Educación y Comunicación Popular – Latin American Association of Education and Popular Communication), concerned about the serious situation of social and political violence in Honduras, joins the voices of citizens who are demonstrating in the streets to call on the police and military forces to immediately cease violence and repression that exacerbate the breach of the rule of law in Honduras.
The military forces show disrespectful procedures and violation of human rights in the Latin American country. En este contexto, on June 24, the Association denounces the incursion of the Military Police into the National Autonomous University of Honduras, where several students were injured, 4 of them seriously by bullet shots. According to Amnesty International, in the last two weeks there have been 2 people killed, y 19 have been wounded by firearms in clashes with the public police. That is why we join the national and international organizations that condemn these events that seek to silence the voice and stop the mobilization of the Honduran people.
Read More (en español) on aler.org

Honduras: Defending Human Rights with Radio

En junio 2009 a coup d’etat overthrew Honduras’ democratically elected president Manuel Zelaya. Since the coup, human rights conditions in that country have deteriorated. Radio has become a vital organizing tool for defending the rights of indigenous people and fighting environmental destruction, while providing needed information and education to people in rural areas.

Listen to this podcast with community radio producers Meredith Beeson and Ellen Knutson to learn about what’s happening in Honduras, and the important role of radio.

New publication: Radio as Art. Concepts, Spaces, Practices

“Radio as Art Concepts, Spaces, Practices”, edited by Anne Thurmann-Jajes, Ursula Frohne, Jee-Hae Kim, Maria Peters, Franziska Rauh, Sarah Rothe, is the title of a new volume published by Transcript that investigates a broad range of aesthetic experiments with the broadcasting technology of radio.
Acoustic signals, voice, sound, articulation, music and spatial networking are dispositifs of radiophonic transmission. They have brought forth a great number of artistic practices. Up to and into the digital present radio has been – and still is – employed and explored as an apparatus-based structure as well as an (alternative) model for performance and perception. The book also sheds light on the use of radio as a means of disseminating artistic concepts, and on questions of conceptual and sociocultural matters of mediation of this art form.

Read More on transcript-verlag.de
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Calls – Deadlines – Interesting Gatherings

10th sonOhr Radio & Podcast Festival: Open Call «en masse»

The 10th sonOhr Radio & Podcast Festival from February 21st to 23rd 2020 is looking for audio pieces and program ideas that explore the topic of «en masse» in terms of content, sound, tono, format or imagery.

The Festival will look at the excess of consumption and the overabundance of data, at mass hysteria and collective intelligence, at mass movements and protests. We’re also drawn to the contrary: sufficiency, isolation and silence. sonOhr wants to discuss belonging, community and coexistence. It wants to make the thundering, manifold voices of the masses audible and are looking for material that moves the masses.
Are you a producer or author of radio fictions, documentales, podcasts, audio art; are you a sound researcher, trainer or inventor of new sound-rich formats or audio technologies? Then sonOhr would be happy to hear from you. It is looking for listening sessions, presentations, talks, soundwalks, live-podcasts, paneles de discusión, talleres, interactive formats, y más.
Submission date: August 20th, 2019

ECREA Radio Research Conference 2019, Siena (Italia), Septiembre 19-21, 2019 

The next conference of the Radio Research Section of ECREA will be held at the Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences of the University of Siena (Italia), desde 19 a 21 Septiembre 2019. La 2019 theme is: Radio as a Social/Convivial Media: comunidad, participación, public values in the platform society.

In the age of platformization of culture (Nieborg & Poell 2018) every media is being turned into a digital platform and every audience is being datafied and commodified. What is the role of radio within this new media ecosystem? Tim Wu (2011) showed how radio broadcasting too was eventually colonized by the ethos of profit, but along its history the radio medium has been able to partially escape its commodification and it has carved out a social role as a public service media and as a community/civic media, more open to audience interaction and participation than television and print media used to be.

In a media ecosystem increasingly shaped by algorithms, radio is the only medium that still has a relevant analogue component, especially in non-western areas of the world. The relevance of analogue broadcasting is not only a residual practice but could be also framed as a space of freedom, a practice of resistance to the process of platformization.

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