1- 3rd June 2018, MILAN

RadioCity 2018 is a unique world festival of radios, with radio shows, DJs, radio presenters, speakers, journalists and media activist, who gather in Milan to broadcast live from our temporary studios back to their own country, in their own language, in front of an Italian and international audience, in a wonderful park in the heart of the city for three days in June
This will be the fourth edition of the festival, taking place over three days, from Friday, June 1st, to Sunday, 3rd June. The festival started in 2015, the year of the Milan EXPO, when we brought RadioDays Europe in town, and since then we hosted dozens of international guests broadcasting from our studios. We had radios from North and South America, from Africa and Australia, from Asia and of course, Europe.
The festival will take place in the “village of radios” in the Sempione Park, where you’ll be able to broadcast your show. We’ll also have some conference rooms in the Sforzesco castle, nearby, to join the “conference side” of RadioCity.
You can join the festival for free, we provide all the technical equipment and the platforms you need to broadcast back to your country, and there will also be technical support at hand to be sure that you can work in the best conditions and with the best hardware and software available.
We’ll also have live music and gigs that you’ll be able to record or broadcast live during your shows, and we’ll have a “Radiocity Club” for the night events where you will get the taste of the special Milan nightlife. And of course, you can broadcast any time you like, 24 hours a day, depending on your radio station schedule and your time zone.

AMARC will participate in the event, being the official partner representing the community radio movement worldwide. We have already some events scheduled for the festival, but we are open to any new proposal coming from our members. The basic idea is to gather the representatives of our sector in order to:

1. Define some strategic axes towards the forthcoming European and World AMARC
Conference (2019)
2. Share our experiences and current projects with the aim to find possible synergies and reinforce partnerships (bilateral and multilateral)

Besides the official agenda of conferences, meetings and side events, AMARC members are
invited to:
Thursday 31st May and Friday, 1st June 2018

Arrival of participants, logistical arrangements

Saturday the 2nd of June

10.00 / 11.00AMARC members open Assembly, Information Sharing session and strategic perspective towards 2019.
11.30 / 13.30challenges and strategies – European Community Radio under pressure
15.00/16.00 Workshop: Radio and new technologies: Grassrooots Wavelenghts . The Grassroot Wavelengths project will create a game-changing network of
inclusive digital platforms for citizen engagement, community deliberation, and
the free flow of information within, into, and out of discrete geographic
communities by piloting solutions for connected, inexpensive, community
owned and operated radio across Europe.
16h00 / 17h00Workshop: Presentation of “TERMINOLOGY AND BEST

Sunday the 3rd of June

10h00 Roundtable discussion (tbc) hosted by Radio Popolare Milan.
1998/2008, 20 years after the AMARC World Conference “Microfoni Aperti”,
which development model for community broadcasters?
Visit to Radio Popolare Milan

An hostel accommodation for all European and International community radio practitioners will be covered by the organisation. Unfortunately, no other costs can be granted and therefore radios will have to cover their travel and subsistance costs during the 3 days festival. However, under specific request, the AMARC secretariat is open to consider a small forfait reimbursement for participants willing to attend and without means to do it. From other European locations, the city of Milan is easy to reach by car, train or llow-costflight companies.
As a super-welcome-gift, we’ll invite, as honour guests, the first 5 international radio activists who will confirm their participation to a special night at the most famous theatre in the world, La Scala.Every international guest will also have the chance to attend the special tour of the City offered by the City of Milan and will be awarded with our special “Radio Citizen Medal”.
The deadline to submit your attendance is Friday, the 20th of April 2018.
Looking forward to meeting you in Milan
If you are interested, contact Francesco Diasio

RadioCity 2018 will be:
A – International:
Within the next five years RadioCity wants to become the World EXPO of Radios, the
international exhibition of radio programmes around the world, a gathering point where
radio activists can meet and get inspired by the amazing programmes that we brought to
the heart of Milan. At the same time RadioCity is already a unique way of promoting your radio stations and your radio programmes and presenters to the Italian audience on site
and to the Italian listeners on air. That’s possible because of a “RadioCity Pop Up Channel”
on DAB that you can listen all over Italy, during the festival, broadcasting all the
international programmes guests of RadioCity.
In addition to this, you have to consider the strong international attitude of the city of Milan, which is the town with the highest number of consulates in the world (after New York), and which has thousands of citizens living here, from all over the world, ready to come to the festival to listen live to your radio show! And of course, you’ll get all the world-wide promotion on our web and social networks channels.
B- Italy
Italy is the country where radio was born. Mr. Guglielmo Marconi’s creation is the reason
why we’re here and we do this job. We’re sure you will love this journey back to the roots of our beloved media. The Italian radios will be here to welcome you to the fatherland of DJs and to introduce you to one of the most passionate audience you’ve ever met. You’ll have the chance to meet and greet all your international colleagues and you’ll be our honor guest during all the public events of the festival, you’ll be asked to give interviews to the Italian radios and press and you’ll get a lot of love from the Italian radio-fans. You’ll be surprised to know how many different radios we have here in Italy, and how many different genres you can experience on our FM or DAB or Web and podcast broadcast. Music, News, Culture, Sports, there’s no limit to what you can bring to RadioCity and there’s no limit to what you can take bake home.
C- Conferences and workshops
The conference side of the festival is very important for us. We want our guests to come
and share their experiences with the Italian radio professionals, and at the same time, we
love to train our youngest students and future radio stars with the best examples and
inspiring people we can provide from all over the world. That’s why we have a journalists
training programme, and other workshops about different issues every year. Our
conferences will be held in the historical rooms of the amazing Sforzesco Castle, aside the
park where the temporary studios are. Everything is within a 200 meters radius. The
international conferences will be in English.
D- Ra(u)dio
Nowadays radio is much more than what we have known so far. We entered the digital age
and we’re ready to face the new challenges that the new “audio-players” brought to the
field. Call it podcast, streaming, audio-internet-services, we’re ready to look into that and
find out how we can make things better and stay relevant to our listeners, using all this
wonderful new tools.
E- Live Show
We love music, we love live music and we love concerts. We’re working hard to have big
names on stage during the festival. Every radio transmitting from our studios will be allowed to record and play or broadcast live all the shows which will take place on our main stage.
You’ll have the chance to meet Italy’s most interesting artists and their latest songs ready to be launched for the summer season. You’ll also have free and unlimited access to the
“RadioCity Club” where EDM events will take place when the day is over and the Milan
night starts.
F- RadioCity on DAB
Thanks to our DigitalRadio association, we’ll broadcast (if you agree, of course) the
international shows hosted in Milan on a special Pop Up RadioCity channel on DAB, aired
all over Italy. It will be an incredible opportunity to let our national audience to know your
radio programs live! Every year, on that pop-up channel, we enjoy a marvellous “on air
party”, where radios from different continents and languages and cultures share the same
studios and sometimes mix their voices, their music and their thoughts
RadioCity 2018 will also be a temporary bookshop where you can buy books about radio and books written by well known radio professionals, an exhibition space where you can try the new DAB radio devices and of course the famous Italian Cuisin!