radioMontreal, September 21, 2015. More than 250 community radio practitioners met in Accra, Ghana, in August to participate in the 11th International Conference of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC). This unique event has helped to address issues related to development, sustainability and growth of community radio in the world.

One of the strengths of AMARC is that it can count on talented journalists, producers and artisans who work tirelessly in the many resorts that make up the network. With this support, AMARC launches an international programme of thematic radio campaigns featuring content produced by community radio.

Structured around various themes such as climate change, rural development, gender equality, cultural and linguistic minorities, Indigenous peoples and other social, economic and political issues, these radio campaigns will aim to highlight the importance of the work of community radio as the voice of communities. In addition, they will relay on a global scale, the quality and diversity of the network’s voices.

By launching this international program of radio campaigns, AMARC wishes to strengthen its support to network members, its ties with partners whose voices it carries, promote access to information and convey the messages of marginalized populations.

Francesco Diasio, Secretary General of AMARC, says the objective of this fund is twofold:“This is to encourage the participation of community radio stations in the debates of civil society, to strengthen links with communities and to support the producers to ensure the stability of the radios”.

We hope many of you will participate in this new program. Join us!

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