comicDoua Eladl is resolute. One of the Speakers at the World Social Forum 2013 in Tunis, she told Flamme D’Afrique that she did not think about fear in the very dangerous job of cartooning real social and political issues in the Egyptian society. “If I get fearful now, then the Egyptian revolution of January 2011 that was fought by Egyptians would have been in vain,” she said.

She said she shared a common bond with women all over the globe who could not access certain rights and were deprived of freedom to operate freely in their chosen careers and fields of endeavour. Explaining some of her cartoons, she said she sketched the reality of the Egyptian society currently, which included the relegation of the rights of women to the lowest priorities and the sexual repression of women, issues that were not favourable to the Moslem Brotherhood.

from Flamme d’Afrique, IPAO