-home-aswatona-public_html-wp-content-files_mf-cache-cfed099c84cf497d28cb1030ae469d7e_img_002919Community Media Solutions – 26-28 February 2015, Rabat, Morocco

The fourth Aswatona conference on community media in the Arab world, will take place in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, 26-28 February 2015, under the theme ‘All Our Voices’, in partnership with “Forum des Alternatives Maroc (FMAS)”. The three day annual event will provide community broadcasters with an opportunity to network and advocate for better media law and regulation. AMARC Europe will have a representation of the organization in the event.

Mohammad Leghtas, the coordinator of the Maghreb-Machrek portal ejoussour, a program of Forum des Alternatives Maroc, said the Aswatona 2015 conference will give a big push to the growing civil society interest in communications. “We have been working hard at creating the right infrastructure to enable community radio and holding the conference in Rabat will give us a big push forward.”

Steve Buckley, Managing Director of Community Media Solutions, said the holding of the fourth regional conference of the Aswatona network is a testament to community media stakeholders’ commitment to mutual support and greater recognition in media law and policy. “The growth of community media in Morocco is an indicator of a vibrant civil society and a desire for alternative voices to be heard including those of women, youth, rural communities and minorities.”

The conference will feature government and expert speakers from  Morocco, the Montreal-based World Association of  Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) and Daoud Kuttab founder/director of the Jordan-based Community Media Network as well as practical workshops.

Aswatona’s steering committee consists of community broadcasters in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Yemen. Previous regional community media conferences of the Aswatona network were held in Tunis 2012, Cairo 2013, and Jordan’s Dead Sea 2014. The conference is supported by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the European Union programme “Media and culture for development in the Southern Mediterranean” and Copenhagen based, International Media Support, together with local authorities in the Kingdom of Morocco.

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