Brno conf-patickaAMARC Europe Second Forum of Central and Eastern Europe Community Radios

In the frame of the joint CMFE/Amarc Europe Conference “Media Diversity for Democracy,” held in Brno 4 – 6. October 2013, the European branch of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AMARC Europe organized its Second Forum on community radio in Central and Eastern Europe “Changing the communication environment: Networking for Community Radio in Central and East Europe”.

Participants from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia together with their colleagues coming from other EU countries, shared best practices and ideas aiming at the reinforcement of the sector in this region.

The general objective of this forum was to adopt networking strategies, facilitate interaction and establish a strategic plan of action for 2014: in a changing political and social environment, participants agreed to work on two main areas: the promotion of the sector through an increased communication model and new forms of participatory gatherings (Radio Festival), and to accompany the political decision shaping process in the area with a manual on best European models and European standards regarding pluralism and community radios.

In conjunction, CMFE held its Community TV Conference, agents for change in democracies, analysing the recent developments in the community TV sector, with special panels on participation in the media, gender equality policies, youth initiatives in Community TV, legislation and technological developments (including open source initiatives). The joint conference and close exchange with CMFE is an important step towards reinforced cooperation for a common European perspective on Community Media in a global media sphere.