Last week the Budapest based community radioCIVIL RÁDIÓ – FM 98 received the negative decision of the Hungarian Media Council on their re-application for their broadcasting licence.

Dans une première déclaration radio civile réagit à la décision du Conseil des médias avec les mots .

« Notre voix est la même, et nous ne voulons pas être réduits au silence. We will be expelled to the internet, but we will not give up the possibility to broadcast also in the air. After December 21, 2019, our programmes can be listened to solely online. We do our best to preserve the uniqueness of our sound and develop the media platforms, through which our listeners can surely reach us.Communique_Civil RadioTélécharger

Due to the resolution of the Media Council the last time Civil Radio will be heard on the frequency 98.0 MHz in Budapest is December 21, 2019. Their decision was made on the basis of minor malfunctions of the radio, without taking into consideration the spirit and values represented by our radio. This action in an already shrinking independent media space is particularly painful.”