swedendrmAMARC EU TEAM / CMFE – At the present, one of the main concerns of community radios in Europa are what digital platform or platforms will be finally used in the different countries among many options: DAB, DAB+, DRM30, DRM+, DVB-T2 Lite, Broadband, 5G…

In this context, the media advisor in Stockholm (Sweden) Christer Hederström have compiled a green paper looking into the future of the digital radio for the Community Media Forum of Europe (CMFE). Community Radio: FM and Digitalization – Future Distribution Platforms for Community Radio in Europe questions the credibility of DAB system, highlights the preference of DRM+ as a digital choice and with DVB-T2 Lite as a possibility as well as the importance of online listening for future radio.

The political position of AMARC Europe is that independently of the platform chosen by governments, the Must Carry should be implemented across Europe to ensure the presence of democratic, alternative and free media in ALL platforms, as it was highlighted in the document Community Radio: A Contribution to the Digital Debate.

You can download the entire report for free at public-service.net