Radio Entasi was created during the occupation of the Law School of Athens, as part of the revolt of December 2008. Radio Entasi initially was broadcasting on 100,6 Mhz, then at 100,5 and today it’s transmitting through 100,1 Mhz. Since its birth it has covered a wide scale of social struggles, among them student’s and worker’s demonstrations, being the voice for everyone resisting. Radio Entasi stands for independent journalism, which has become a necessity since all mass media either hide or distort actual facts and spreads out the demands and ideas of those that are in a state of exemption. By its very own structure as a collectively run media-group, based on horizontal,
direct democracy procedures, being independent financially, having no need for advertisement, radio Entasi is a working example of unmediated flow of information and communication for those struggling.
This very connection of the radio to the social movement made it a target for governmental repression. The pressure came in the form of court complaints and lawsuits, pressed by the authorities of the university hosting the station. This repression continues. On Wednesday 10 of April it became clear that ADA was prosecuting Entasi and its use of the facilities of the university.
The prosecution began after complaints of broadcaster SKAI. We are given three days to
comply, before “legal” actions will be taken which suggests that a police raid will take place.
On Thursday 11 of April, power was cut down and as an immediate result both 98Fm and Entasi Fm community radio were (and still are) off the air!

(radio Entasi press release)