Sobre 21.10.2019 El Día de la Radio Feminista tuvo lugar por segunda vez consecutiva. Después de la conferencia internacional de radio Claim The Waves en Zurich, Suiza 2018, esta radio- y el día de acción editorial que se extendió fue celebrado conjuntamente por 8 estaciones de radio gratuitas en países de habla alemana. Este año, ya 16 radio stations have broadcast the Feministischer Radiotag in whole or in part. The 24h programme featured contributions from a total of 19 radios, projects and editorial offices.

Este año, bermudafunk (Mannheim/Heidelberg, re), Radio blau (Leipzig, re), Radio Dreyeckland (Freiburg i.Br./D), Radio Helsinki (Graz, La), Radio LoRa (Zurich, CH), onda/npla, FREIRAD (Innsbruck, La), Radio Orange 94,0 (Vienna, La), Radio Corax (Halle, S..) took part in the Feminist Radio Day 2019, re), Radio T (Chemnitz, re), Free Radio Neumünster (re), Datscha Radio (Berlina, re), frrapó (Potsdam, re), Radio Slubfurt (Frankfurt/O.), Radio Z (Nuremberg, re), Radio LOHRO (Rostock, re), Onda del desierto (Tübingen/ Reutlingen, re), WINGS (Norteamérica.

Although there are historical precursor projects of this kind of networking and joint broadcasting, por ejemplo. Interconneciones, unfortunately much knowledge has been lost over the years. This may be due not least to the frequent changes of participants typical for free community radios and alternative projects.

The next international conference Claim The Waves will take place from 9 to12 July 2020 in Vienna, Austria. The supporting programme will include a feminist radio programme for 100 hours, for which an Open Call will also be published at the beginning of 2020.

Anyone who knows more about the history of feminist radio days, has contacts, documentales, etc. is cordially invited to share these with us in order to be able to continue such important networking projects in the best possible way and not let them sink into oblivion.

Interested parties can subscribe to the CTW information list, the contact details can be found on the website, as well as a more detailed documentation, which will be published in the next few days