DRM+ Enables Digitalization in the FM Band

swedendrmThe Stockholm region is testing the new digital radio system DRM+ . The test trial is run with a DRM+ transmitter on the 97.0 MHz FM band with a power of 500 Watts. The first six months test trials are made in consultation with the Post- and Telecom Authority in Sweden (PTS).
Operating this trial is Digital Radio Sweden (DRS) a neutral, non-commercial and non-political organisation, which objective is to present alternative or complementary technologies to DAB.  DRS will make it possible for the government to take decisions based on solid facts when it comes to a future transition from analogue to digital radio. The aim is to broaden the general knowledge about digital radio. Today DAB is often believed to be equivalent to “digital radio”. But digital radio is a common concept for digital distribution technologies for wireless broadcasting. DAB is just one of four internationally recognized standards.