01CNRA01The French Conféderation Nationale des Radios Associatives celebrated its 20th national congress. The event took place Thursday 21 and Friday 22 of November in Lille.
The meetings focused its concerns looking at the future of radio, with a common reflection on the following topics:
– Whiich kind of funding for community radios? The Draft Finance Act of 2014, dramatically decrease 200 000 EUR from the  FSER (Fond de Soutien à l’ Expression Radiophonique). This is considered an “unacceptable decrease”: this budgetary measure could have dramatic repercussions towards many community radios since generally their community support them in proportion of the subsidies provided by the State.
– Is Digital Radio an essential factor of audiovisual diversity and pluralism ? Do community radios have the means for the shift?
– Which is the role for local regulatory bodies? The Act 3 of the national decentralization program excludes the fields of culture and communication