La radio de base ha sido presentada en las Etnografías de Collaborative Economi(es) Conferencia, que tuvo lugar en Edimburgo (Reino Unido) en octubre 25, 2019. Heather Sciannamblo (AMARC Europa) discutió el documento titulado "Codiseño del trabajo de atención colaborativa a través de la etnografía", en coautoría con Roberto Cibin (M-ITI), Petra Žišt (M-ITI), Chris Csíkszentmíhalyi (M-ITI), y Maurizio Teli (Universidad de Aalborg). The paper addresses a number of issues – such as the importance of language for community engagement, the relationship between digital and physical environments, and commonality – as they emerge from a conversation between two H2020 CAPS projects, Grassroots Radio and Commonfare.

The conference was hosted in the fascinating setting of the College of Art at the University of Edinburgh, and has welcomed European researchers from many disciplines who are currently conducting ethnographic studies of practices, culturas, socio-technical systems and lived experiences of collaborative economies.

The event has been supported by theCOST Action “From Sharing to Caring: Examining the Socio-Technical Aspects of the Collaborative Economy” (CA16121, 2017 – 2021), which is nurturing a network of actors (academic researchers, los responsables políticos, profesionales) who are working to develop models of collaborative economy and platforms as well as to assess the social and technological implications of the collaborative economy through a practice-focused approach.

Conference proceedings are availableat this link.