In the frame of the EU project ““Empowering civil society through media”, in which AMARC Europe is partner together with Community Media Network (Jordan), Community Media Solutions (UK) and Sisterhood is Global Institute (SIGI), the Secretary General of AMARC, Francesco Diasio, participated to the conference “Empowering civil society in Jordan through community media”, held in Amman the 18th and 19th of February, under the patronage of the Minister of State or Media Affairs.

Over 150 participants from all Jordanian governorates, Palestine, Yemen, United Kingdom and Belgium attended this event. The conference, aimed at studying the relationship between civil society and community media, listened to government officials, civil society activists, practitioners in community media and international experts’ familiar with media laws and best practices regarding the relations between civil society and community media.

Conference participants praised the role of the Jordanian Minister of Media Affairs and the Director General of the Media Commission and called on them to work closely with civil society and community media activists in formulating a new Jordanian media strategy that takes into consideration what is needed so that they can better serve their communities. Several priorities have been highlighted in the final press release, and among others the “ need to bridge the gap between civil society and community media by means of appropriate media legislation that recognizes the importance of community media and creates an enabling environment that can develop and sustain a professional media that serves the public while at the same time dealing with the challenges of the knowledge revolution in concert with international standards.”