moroccoA Moroccan activist of the Med Net project, working on new media and freedom of expression was attacked while documenting an event .

Sunday, February 23 Ms. Wafae Charaf , a member of the group of alternative media involved in training activities on community journalism in Tangier , in the frame of MED NET project , was attacked , beaten and robbed of her photo camera .
According to the reconstruction given  by the project partner association “Chabaka”, Mrs. Wafae was asked to document a demonstration held to celebrate the third anniversary of the February 20 Movement , as part of a working session required by the trainers to the participants of the training course. At the end of the event , while she was returning to the headquarters of Chabaka , the activist was followed by two men in civilian clothes who at a certain moment started to run after her, reached her, grabbed her by the shoulders, beaten, trying to steal the camera.

With the arrival of other pedestrians and her shouts, the two men have moved away, leaving Ms Wafae on the ground with the broken camera.