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Radio Revolten - Festival International Radio Art à Halle (Allemagne) 1er - le 30 Octobre 2016

art radio est une forme à multiples facettes de l'art. Pour illustrer cela par la célébration, le festival Radio Revolten (traduction: Radio Révoltes) organisée par Radio Corax a invité plus de 70 artistes de 17 pays à Halle (Saale) pour présenter 30 jours d'art radio contemporaine à 15 endroits dans la ville la forme de performances, installations, concerts et ... Lire la suite

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Conférence BFR à Ulm, 5-8 Novembre ici à 2015

From 5 to 8 November 2015 the Federal Association of Free Radios (BFR) will be holding their annual Conference, this year hosted by Radio freeFM in Ulm. As every year, the conference will be holding discussions, workshops and panels that will comes with different themes strands around a common exchange to media policy, programme and technology for community radio stations and other emancipatory and independent media… Lire la suite

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AMARC condamne fermement l'action de police banalisé menée contre la Freie Sendekombinat

28 November, 2014. The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) has been notified that between 2003 and 2006 an undercover police agent of the state police of Hamburg infiltrated the structures of the editorial staff of the German Free Radio Freie Sendekombinat (FSK).

This means a gross violation of the fundamental right of freedom of information and the right… Lire la suite

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Le nouveau gouvernement de Saxe (Allemagne) promet l'appui pour les radios communautaires saxonnes

By Michael Nicolai (Radio Corax) – After two months the new government of Christ Democrats and Social Democrats came to their coalition agreement. Through that the situation of the three community radios in Saxonia could improve. Because in the agreement it is written that “community media (non commercial radios) shall be getting more support. An amendment of the statutory basis will bring… Lire la suite

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Bundesverband Freier radios invite à sa conférence de l'AMARC sur les médias communautaires

Between 6th and 9th of November, the German Community Media Conference organized by the Bundesverband Freier Radios (BFR) took place in Potsdam. Broadcasters around Europe took part in debates, workshops and panel discussions around the exchanging of ideas and practices in relation to communication policies, free broadcasting, technological tools and citizens´ involvement in community media. For more information on the panels, the content of the discussions or final conclusions,… Lire la suite