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UNIKOM, Swiss Community Radios on DAB+

Le 10 juin, l\’assemblée générale de l\’UNIKOM a élu un nouveau comité d\’administration, qui tient également compte des intérêts commerciaux résultant de l\’expansion de l\’association. Expansion de l\’associationLors de l\’Assemblée générale de 2017, l\’ouverture de l’UNIKOM pour les nouvelles radios DAB+ a été décidée. Un an plus tard, un groupe de \”radios annoncées\” et un groupe de \”radios complémentaires\” ont été… read more

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AMARC International Board meeting in Paris

Paris, 10-11 December 2015
The new AMARC International Board met in Paris to initiate the process for strategic planning towards the implementation of the strategic plan voted by the General Assembly in Ghana in August 2014. The meeting took place in the UNESCO headquarters, in central Paris.
In attendance were Min Shahi (Nepal) Executive Vice President, Palmira Velasco (Mozambique) Treasurer,… read more

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What happens in Norway with the radio digitalisation?

Few days ago, the Norwegian Government published a press release about setting a date for the imminent switch-off of Norway\’s FM radio stations in 2017. The Minister of Culture, Thornild Widvey, said:

“Whereas the FM system only had space for five national channels, DAB already offers 22, and there is capacity for almost 20 more. In addition, more than half… read more

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Polish Commercial Radio abandons digitalization working group

DIGITAL RADIO FM EUROPE – The Polish commercial radio community says it will suspend its work with Krajowa Rada Radiofonii i Telewizji (KRRiT), the media authority, on the transition to DAB+.
KRRiT has received a letter signed by broadcasters from Group RMF, Radio Group Agora, Radio Group Time and Eurozet about the requirements of their engagement in the working group and the… read more

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Community Radio: FM and digitalisation- Platform distribution and Community Radio in Europe

AMARC EU TEAM / CMFE – At the present, one of the main concerns of community radios in Europa are what digital platform or platforms will be finally used in the different countries among many options: DAB, DAB+, DRM30, DRM+, DVB-T2 Lite, Broadband, 5G…
In this context, the media advisor in Stockholm (Sweden) Christer Hederström have compiled a green… read more

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Switzerland: Radio Lora on DAB+

The move to DAB+ for the Swiss community radios has started. Last year the Swiss OFCOM awarded a radio license to the Digris AG company for the operation of DAB+ islands throughout Switzerland, for small radio stations to be able to access a platform for the digital transmission of their programme services in small-scale areas. This platform is… read more

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Multi-Standard Digital Radio Receiver Chip Supporting DAB/DAB+, DRM+ and FM Radio

Siano, a supplier of mobile broadcast DTV solutions, announced the launch of SMS2160, a new multi-standard digital radio receiver chip designed for automotive and portable/mobile consumer electronics applications. It supports T-DMB/DAB/DAB+, DRM+, and FM Radio, including RDS/TMC. The newly released chip is particularly addressed to the emerging markets of DAB+ in Europe, and DRM+ in Asia and around… read more

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Moldova: Radiocomunicatii Broadcasts on DRM

In the Republic of Moldova, Radiocomunicatii is transitioning its stations to the Digital Radio Mondiale standard using equipment form German company Transradio.
Once the DRM process is completed, listeners will be able to receive the Radio Moldova station over a larger geographic territory while maintain a high quality signal, according to the Deputy Minister of Information Technology and Communications Dumitru Parfentiev.
The state-owned enterprise… read more