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Qu'est-ce qui se passe en Norvège avec la numérisation de la radio?

Few days ago, the Norwegian Government published a press release about setting a date for the imminent switch-off of Norway\’s FM radio stations in 2017. The Minister of Culture, Thornild Widvey, said:

“Whereas the FM system only had space for five national channels, DAB already offers 22, and there is capacity for almost 20 more. In addition, more than half… Lire la suite

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Les forces gouvernementales espagnol fermeture de diffusion FM de la radio communautaire Nava

Radio Nava dismantling the equipment for its FM broadcast.
SPANISH COMMUNITY MEDIA FEDERATION – The community radio Radio Nava (Asturies, Northern Spain) received some months ago a letter from the National Secretariat for Communications (Ministry of Industry) threatening the people who carry on this non-profit project with the seal off of the antenna and technical equipment, as well… Lire la suite

Mots clés: Asturies , fermeture , FM , Radio Nava