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Community Radios in Berlin Have a New Home

Opening of the FRBB Studio in the House of Statistics,Berlin-Alexanderplatz on 31.3.2020 from 15:00-22:00 Berlin is not one city, but many.Radio is not made by itself, but by many.And the Free Radios Berlin Brandenburg do not have one studio,but – many. So, in spite of all odds, on Tuesday, March 31st,2020 the now 15th studio of the provider community Freies Radio… Lire la suite

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30 ans de Radio100

On March 3 and 4, 2017 Radio100 celebrated its 30th anniversary in Berlin\’s Columbia Theater, twenty-six years after they had to close down due to bankruptcy. Many radio people, not only from community media were present at the event, in the audience and on various panels.
Radio100 was founded in the mid-1980s by initiatives and organisations from the alternative and… Lire la suite

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(English / Deutsch)

In what world do we want to live? For open communication. Against right-wing extremism.
Notes and call for features!Arson in accommodations for asylum seekers, right-wing parties and movements, the build-up of surveillance societies and the general closing-off to outsiders of any kind are only a few symptoms demonstrating how important it is to hold a stance against rising nationalism… Lire la suite

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100 heures plus de temps de radiodiffusion, mais aucune aide financière à Berlin

Berlin / Potsdam, GER - Depuis le 31 Octobre 2016 Pi Radio Verbund est sur l'air.
Tous les jours du lundi au vendredi, de 6h à 1h du matin émissions Pi Radio Verbund à Berlin et à Potsdam, en Allemagne.
Pi Radio Verbund is an alliance of the Berlin-based free community radios Pi Radio, Colaboradio, Studio Ansage and Potsdam-based free community radio Frrapo. In their session on September 14th, 2016, the Media Council… Lire la suite

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Conférence de l'AMARC Europe et l'Assemblée générale à Halle, Allemagne

Radio communautaire. Une voix et outil pour la solidarité
La prochaine conférence de l 'AMARC Europe approche. Il aura lieu à Halle, Allemagne, 24-26 Octobre 2016, qui coïncide avec la réunion de la Fédération Art Festival Radio et allemand RFB. Parallèlement à la conférence, le nouveau Conseil AMARC Europe sera élu et sera conçu l'organisation du plan stratégique. Nous voulons et ... Lire la suite

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AMARC condamne fermement l'action de police banalisé menée contre la Freie Sendekombinat

28 November, 2014. The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) has been notified that between 2003 and 2006 an undercover police agent of the state police of Hamburg infiltrated the structures of the editorial staff of the German Free Radio Freie Sendekombinat (FSK).

This means a gross violation of the fundamental right of freedom of information and the right… Lire la suite

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Le nouveau gouvernement de Saxe (Allemagne) promet l'appui pour les radios communautaires saxonnes

By Michael Nicolai (Radio Corax) – After two months the new government of Christ Democrats and Social Democrats came to their coalition agreement. Through that the situation of the three community radios in Saxonia could improve. Because in the agreement it is written that “community media (non commercial radios) shall be getting more support. An amendment of the statutory basis will bring… Lire la suite

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La radiodiffusion FM de fonctionner au moins jusqu'en 2025 en Saxe-Anhalt (Allemagne)

Par Michael Nicolai (Radio Corax) - Le Comité des médias au Parlement fédéral allemand de l'État Saxonia-Anhalt a décidé de changer la loi sur les médias afin de conserver la radiodiffusion FM au moins jusqu'en 2025.

\”Today\’s decision ensures that the FM radio in the end of this year will not end up as electronic scrap and that radio will continue to be… Lire la suite

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Bundesverband Freier radios invite à sa conférence de l'AMARC sur les médias communautaires

Between 6th and 9th of November, the German Community Media Conference organized by the Bundesverband Freier Radios (BFR) took place in Potsdam. Broadcasters around Europe took part in debates, workshops and panel discussions around the exchanging of ideas and practices in relation to communication policies, free broadcasting, technological tools and citizens´ involvement in community media. For more information on the panels, the content of the discussions or final conclusions,… Lire la suite

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CAPTCHA - approches créatives pour Archives culturel vivant

How can community media best use and develop online archives to more easily share and preserve their programs? Four institutions from Austria, Germany, Hungary and Ireland are developing contemporary archiving strategies for community media in the framework of the EU Culture programme-funded CAPTCHA project. The partners analyse existing strategies, search for best practice examples, and organize workshops and conferences… Lire la suite

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La référence des médias communautaires dans le contrat de coalition allemand pourrait renforcer la position de la radio communautaire en Allemagne

May, 2014. In the federal system of Germany media law is in the hand of the state government and not of the federal government. The result of this regulation is that every state has its own media law and some have a regulation that allows community media but some don\’t. Under this aspect the declaration of the governing coalition… Lire la suite