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Spaces of Inclusion – refugees and migrants, and media

The Council of Europe publication entitled “Spaces of Inclusion – An explorative study on needs of refugees and migrants in the domain of media communication and on responses by community media” has been prepared by experts of the COMMIT Community Media Institute in Austria. It was presented by COMMIT at the final “Media against Hate” workshop in Brussels on… read more

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Conference on Migration and Media Awareness 2017

The official Conference on Migration and Media Awareness 2017 video and photos are now available, together with other documentation on their website. 
The Conference on Migration and Media Awareness 2017 was the first ever dialogue of Media Practitioners, Policy Makers, Activists and Newcomers (Refugees/Migrants).
The CMMA 2017 is a two-day conference jointly organized by Refugee Radio Awareness Network, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Radio e.V and… read more

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Reporting on Migration & Refugees training workshop for EU journalists

London, 4 – 8 September 2017. The Media Diversity Institute  (MDI) is inviting applications for a workshop it is organising for journalists from EU countries who are keen to improve their skills related to reporting on migrants, refugees and other vulnerable groups.

The event will be held in London between 4 – 8 September 2017. Journalists from EU countries interested in… read more

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(English / Deustch)

At the serene waterfront of Lake Constance radio journalists from several community radios gather to learn, network and produce content  together: The Radio Camp is on since 1995.

Each year around Ascension Day, community media journalists, nerds, political and social activists and technicians offer workshops of almost any kind concerning media and political activity. No matter where your interests lie, be it editorial… read more

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The future of the “radiocamp” – Die Zukunft des Radiocamps

The traditional annual radiocamp at Lake Constance, Germany, has had turbulent times lately – and some may still be ahead.

Since the beginning of the millenium, radio-enthusiast gather together annually for the radiocamp in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

After the sudden and shocking death of the main organiser, Timo Stadler, in 2015 the camps future came into question. In 2016 an alternative camp was organised by 2 radio… read more