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JOINT STATEMENT: The EU and Member States must create safe environment for journalists reporting on the humanitarian situation in Greece

Physical attacks, online harassment and censorship: In recent days, media freedom organisations have shed light on threats against journalists reporting on the arrival of migrants into Greece. These attacks are taking place in a context of violence against migrants and those supporting them, such as NGOs and self- organised groups. They restrict the ability of journalists to work safely… read more

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Help African journalists fight the spread of Ebola

The countries most threatened by the Ebola virus —Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea— are also those with the fewest resources to report on the crisis. Three international organizations have launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to get vital equipment to local radio stations in the worst-affected areas.

The World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) in association with Hirondelle USA and the World Association of Community Radio… read more

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India: Kollam Fishermen Safe Thanks To A Community Radio

There are only a few professions in which  workers put their life at risk. Fishermen do just that when they go out to the sea, sometimes without knowing what is going to happen out there. After all their lives are dependent on the weather.

Radio Benziger, a Kollam-based community radio station, has taken the initiative to make the local fishermen\’s… read more