Radio art is a multi-faceted form of art. To illustrate this by way of celebration, the festival Radio Revolten (translation: Radio Revolts) organised by Radio Corax invited more than 70 artists from 17 countries to Halle (Saale) to present 30 days of contemporary radio art at 15 locations around the city in the form of performances, installations, concerts and live radio broadcasts.

Daily events, for instance live performances, took place in the Radio Revolten Club. Next door at Radio Revolten Central, visitors were experiencing art installations dealing with transmission in all its guises. This was also the home of Radio Revolten Radio, transmitting 24/7 on the FM frequency 99.3 MHz in Halle, reaching further afield on the MW frequency 1575 kHz, and serving a worldwide audience via the festival livestream from the first second of October the 1st to the last second of 30th of October.

Thirty-five radio stations around the world were integrating parts of Radio Revolten Radio into their own programming. Radio Corax’ Radio Revolten was collaborating with the German public service Deutschlandradio Kultur and the Austrian Arts radio OE1 Kunstradio at ORF.

Fiftheen thousand people came to visit the installations, performances, exhibitions of radio art and historical exhibition of radio during the decades of the 20th century and its potential as peoples’ radio.

Connected to the Radio Revolten three conferences took place. One about radio art and two community radio conferences. The German community radio association BFR was organising the Zukunftswerkstatt Community Media 2017 and AMARC Europe organised the “AMARC Conference – Community Media in the Media Landscape” combined with the General Assembly.

A report of Radio Revolten will be published in 2017 as a catalogue in combination with an internet presentation. Further infomation and material about Radio Revolten Festival are to be found on: