logoRadio Tilos is proof there is broadcasting without financial or economical gain. See how we have operated a radio station with such a large degree of independence solely based on community efforts, for 25 years. With the help of your donations we will be able to introduce to the audience this most unique, long-standing and independent radio station in Hungary; using the archives collected of the past two decades.

We aim to tell the entertaining story of Radio Tilos in a full-length documentary via a creative and experimental style – you are invited to be part of it. Please, visit this page to make your donation

With the digital conversion of the inimitable collection of our archives, this film will allow public access to documentation since the collapse of the communist regime in Hungary. The participants of our documentary  the Tilos crew – are journalists, film makers, entertainers, engineers, economists, sociologists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, politicians and who knows what other walks of life – all enthusiastic volunteers with virtually no boundaries in radio program making. Not counting thousands of listeners who follow the shows, and those who call in with their opinion or personal stories from the strangest parts of Earth.

The film aims to present:

  • How the radio was founded and kept alive for 25 years.
  • What makes this radio different and unique in Europe.
  • Radio has been able to keep free of political parties and of commercial expectations.
  • How the radio kept a hold of freedom through creativity.
  • What motivates people to voluntarily come in and do their shows at dawn or at night, even at any silly hours, and for decades.

At RADIO TILOS we take pride in:

  • broadcasting commercial-free on FM and online for 25 years
  • broadcasting live on FM and online with no editor in chief
  • being completely listener funded – there are no investors , sponsors, and not funded by the state
  • allocating a platform of live communication between broadcasters and listeners via chat or call-in
  • being fully committed to freedom of speech
  • providing platform for entirely autonomous programs and shows
  • providing platform for musical experimentation
  • advocating and encouraging civil engagement towards a sustainable society