The Soundroutes band is a project of de Koer as part of a European partnership and a Creative Europe project Soundroutes. AMARC Europe is partner in this project and you can find all the project details ici.

Cinq musiciens d'horizons culturels divers se partagent la scène. Mélodies de Syrie, Belgique, Afghanistan, Marrocco, Bulgarie, klezmer, et plus. S'aligner: Gergana Velikova (voix)Jamal Moussaid (bass, percussion, vocals)Shalan Alhamwy (violin)Robbe Kieckens (percussion)Jonas de Rave (cimbalom, accordion, piano).

The Soundroute band saysWe won’t be able to play concerts for the time being but we have other news for you! In February we went into the studio to record a video and an audio clip. The video of ‘Mitro des mitrois now finished and we are happy to be able to share it with you. Enjoy it and hopefully see you soon!”

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