April 11th-13th, 2014 the Spanish Community Media Federation (Red de Medios Comunitarios, ReMC) and CUAC FM (community radio of A Coruña, Galicia) celebrated an European Conference in Community Media in that city. Besides lots of debates, training courses and exchange of experiences, more than a dozen of international community media and federations have met in Grundtvig´s and Leonardo´s workshops, and AMARC Europe have celebrated its regular Board meeting.

The Conference started the friday 11th with an international panel in the University of A Coruña and with the participation of Syndicat National des Radios Libres (France, Agus Hernán), Irish network CRAOL (Liam Flanagan), Sammenslutningen Af Medier i Lokalsamfundet (Denmark, Rui Monteiro), and AMARC Europe (Sally Galiana).
The saturday 12th the General Assembly of the ReMC chose its new Board for the next two years, and the result of the resolution is:
President: María Navarro Limón (Radiópolis, Sevilla).
Vicepresident: Falo Marcos (Radio Kras, Asturies).
Treasurer: Samuel Villena (Radio Ritmo, Madrid).
Secretary: Carolina Blasco (Cardedeu RTV, Barcelona).
Training and workshops: Roberto Catoira (CUAC FM, Coruña).
Woman Area: Begoña Sánchez (Siberia FM, Vitoria).
Communication Issues: David Molina (Cardedeu RTV, Barcelona).
At the same time, during the weekend the hundred of participants could enjoy different workshops and training courses in equality gender, citizen journalism, radio serial, impact in the community, european funding or digital tools for working in groups and online.
It is possible to heard some reports and interviews of the participants and organizers in the web (only in Spanish).

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