In our last newsletter we reported on the decision of the Hungarian Media Council to not re-issue the licence for the Community Radio Civil Radio in Budapest. Findicithe full statement of Civil Radio on the decision of the Media Council.

Civil Radio will challenge the decision! Read here the new statement on the next steps:

"We take our case to the court”

Civil Radio has never been one of the leading media. Rather, its importance and significance have been achieved by speaking about those who have been rarely broadcast by other media. We are producing programmes for and with those who have not been given the opportunity elsewhere. It is painful for us to see a poorer media space without our broadcast in the air.

Our voice stays, and we do not want to remain silent. We will not give up the possibility to broadcast at a frequency. After December 21, 2019, our programs will continue to be heard on the Internet. We do our best to preserve the uniqueness of our sound and develop the surfaces through which our listeners can surely reach us.

We will not reconcile ourselves to the decision of the Media Council. We file a lawsuit to prove in the court that, although the decision was lawfully made , it is still disproportionate and unfair. The first phase of the legal proceedings does not promise a quick outcome, withdrawal of the decision seems illusory. However, in a longer process, we will point out that the current biased media regulation makes our voice weak and prevents us from the practice of an objective approach. We will give evidence that a more balanced and fair media law can bring a freer country, more truthful information for the public.

Legal representation of Civil Radio is provided byThe Hungarian Civil Liberties Union(TASZ) with the professional cooperation ofMertek Media Monitor.

We trust that Civil Radio will have frequency, and in the meantime we will continue to broadcast with fresh content and new

We sincerely thank all those who help, support Civil Radio, who are with us, listen to us. Stay with us!

Radio civile

Last week the Budapest based community radioCIVIL RÁDIÓ – FM 98received the negative decision of the Hungarian Media Council on their re-application for their broadcasting licence.

In a first statement Civil Radio reacts to the decision of the Media Council with the words .

“Our voice is the same, and we do not want to be silenced. We will be expelled to the internet, but we will not give up the possibility to broadcast also in the air. After December 21, 2019, our programmes can be listened to solely online. We do our best to preserve the uniqueness of our sound and develop the media platforms, through which our listeners can surely reach us.Communique_Civil RadioTélécharger

Due to the resolution of the Media Council the last time Civil Radio will be heard on the frequency 98.0 MHz in Budapest is December 21, 2019. Their decision was made on the basis of minor malfunctions of the radio, without taking into consideration the spirit and values represented by our radio. This action in an already shrinking independent media space is particularly painful.”

captchaHow can community media best use and develop online archives to more easily share and preserve their programs? Four institutions from Austria, Germany, Hungary and Ireland are developing contemporary archiving strategies for community media in the framework of the EU Culture programme-funded CAPTCHA project. The partners analyse existing strategies, search for best practice examples, and organize workshops and conferences in order to identify innovative solutions for the legal, technical and economic challenges community media face in terms of archiving.

We would like to invite you to follow our activities, participate in our events, and take part in our discussions online and offline!

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The first CAPTCHA conference will take place soon! “ARCHIVIA 14: Online Archives for Cultural Diversity in Europe!” will be held on 6-7 September 2014 in the framework of the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. The organizers invite community media, private and public libraries, museums and archives from all over Europe to take part. You can find more information in the attached open call and on

civilradioCivil Radio, Budapest was founded in 1993 as a result of a collaboration of NGOs, local communities and civil organizations. The aim of the founders was to give voice to civic initiatives and strengthen civil control.

The principle of the radio is that the programme makers, editors and presenters should be volunteers and a board plus a small paid staff manage and provide the necessary background for them. The radio is not a medium that works with paid, professional journalists but with active citizens with real issues which are not presented in the mass media. The two decades behind it proved that it was a good idea to do it this way. The small radio station broadcasting only a few hours at the start now has expanded to a “big” radio, in which 150 volunteers make their radio shows for a 24 hour day broadcast.

The political leadership in Hungary in the last few years has slowly and systematically pushed back every bottom-up grassroots civil initiative. They have narrowed the open tenders, grants and other funds, while purposely creating administrative obstacles for the NGOs and other small community organizations. These new legal regulations reflect the political thinking in government which does not tolerate alternative and different opinions and perspectives. The new laws are written, approved and changed without a consultation with civil and professional societies.

And this is why Civil Radio is today in a desperate situation. Civil Radio is one of the last independent community radio stations still standing in Hungary. The radio launched a campaign in which it turns to its audience, to all the people who still believe in values the station believes – mutual understanding, tolerance, the power of discussion and cooperation, inclusion, freedom.

An extraordinary funding campaign has been launched.

“Do not let us be silenced! We do not ask for hundreds of thousands of Euros and Forints. We can continue broadcasting from the 5% of an ordinary media service provider’s annual budget — therefore every Euro and Forint counts, every little bit of help is appreciated.”

Radio Civil , Budapest fue fundada en 1993 como resultado de una colaboración entre organizaciones no gubernamentales , comunidades locales y organizaciones civiles . El objetivo de los fundadores era dar voz a las iniciativas cívicas y fortalecer el control civil.
El principio de la radio es que los creadores de programas , editores y presentadores deben ser voluntarios y un grupo más pequeño de personal remunerado para gestionar y proporcionar la infraestructura necesaria. La radio no es un medio que trabaja con los periodistas profesionales remunerados pero con ciudadanos activos con problemas reales que no se presentan en los medios de comunicación . Las dos décadas pasadas demostraron que se trataba de una buena idea. La pequeña radio que comenzó con sólo unas pocas horas de emisión en el inicio se ha expandido a una radio “grande” , en la que 150 voluntarios emiten 24 horas diarias cada semana .
El liderazgo político en Hungría ha actuado lenta y sistemáticamente contra las iniciativas de base ciudadana en los últimos años . Se han reducido las licitaciones públicas , donaciones y otros fondos , se han creado deliberadamente obstáculos administrativos para las organizaciones no gubernamentales y otras organizaciones comunitarias pequeñas . Estas nuevas normas legales reflejan el pensamiento político en el gobierno que no tolera las opiniones y puntos de vista alternativos y diferentes. Las nuevas leyes se escriben , aprueban y modifican sin consultar con la sociedad civil y profesionales.
Y esta es la razón por Civil Radio se encuentra hoy en una situación desesperada. Civil Radio es una de las últimas estaciones de radio comunitarias independientes aún en pie en Hungría. La radio puso en marcha una campaña en la que se vuelve a su público , a todas las personas que todavía creen en los valores de la estación cree – la comprensión mutua , la tolerancia, el poder de la discusión y la cooperación , la inclusión, la libertad.
Una campaña de financiación extraordinaria se ha puesto en marcha .
” No nos dejemos callar ! No pedimos para cientos de miles de euros y florines . Podemos continuar transmitiendo desde el 5 % del presupuesto anual de un proveedor de servicios de comunicación ordinaria – por lo tanto, cada Euro y Forint cuenta, se aprecia cualquier ayuda. ”