Possibly this is the most sad and painful message we send in the 21 years life long of radio Tas-Tas.
This free station will stop broadcasting and will dissolve the Association in the coming months. This is the final decision of the Extraordinary general Assembly held the 24th  of March 2013.
This news may be surprising to those who hear our programs, each day trying to increase our  technical and journalistic quality and for those who have visited the premises of the station following the latest works we have undertaken. But we have reached a situation which avoid us to
progress towards our goals and maintain what we have. We have therefore decided to conclude this project.
In any case, the hundreds of people who have participated in this associative experience called Tas Tas Irratia should be happy because we achieved  to resist over 21 uninterrupted years on the air, thick and thin, unlicensed and in hours of reflux of the popular movement, our station has been known and recognized at the local as well as international level and now part of the history of free radios and the associative moveent in Euskal Herria.
So our departure will not be sad. Quite the contrary. We want to be with our audience until the end, and meet the commitments made with other friend stations. Furthermore we would like that the material and equipments accumulated by the radio over the years will serve to strengthen the free radio movement in the Basque Countries and around the world, and we will do everything in our power to facilitate it.