The signing, on December 13th, of a partnership convention with JEKTISS is a new step in the commitment of the radios members of the community radio federation of Languedoc-Roussillon (FRANC-LR / to solidarity with the radios of the South.

Last August, Radio Escapade (St Hippolyte du Fort) welcomed the delegate of Radio  Ciwara (Bougouni – Mali). This first step was part of the framework of the twinnings initiated by the French National Confederation of community Radios (CNRA) in accordance with a convention with its Malian federation, URTEL.

Thanks to the support of the french Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Embassy in Bamako), the south of France part of this exchange was a success, both from the point of view of human relationships and for the programs offered to the listeners.

The commitment in Tunisia is developed as part of the policy of decentralized cooperation pursued for a long time by the Council of the Département of Hérault and the Governorate of Médenine (south of Tunisia, close to the Libyan border).

The objective is twofold : accompanying the cooperation actions with a media, in Médenine area as well as in south of France, in order to promote the local actions and achievements at the service of the populations. Favoring the development of local, free and citizen media in Tunisia.

On Friday 13th December 2013, the signing of the convention between the Jektiss for free media in Tunisia and the FRANC-LR constitutes a first venture. It aims at going beyond the declarations of good intentions and at giving the opportunity of sharing experiences, of know-how, of contents, and of promoting long-term training offers.

This signing was hosted by the Mayor of Montpellier, and took place at the Espace Martin-Luther-King, the House of International Relations of the city. The representatives of the Department of International Affairs of the Département of Hérault expressed their great interest in a process they had made possible by supporting the preparatory mission carried out by Sébastien Nègre on behalf of the FRANC-LR.

The General Secretary of the Regional Audiovisual Council (local office of French regulator) and Jean Kouchner, the General Secretary of the French-speaking Press Association were also present at the signing. Both mentioned again their interest in this initiative and in the prospects it offers for future exchanges focusing on democratic and citizen-concerned expression.

Citizen-concerned media at the service of Democracy. The 3 local community radios EKO, FM+ and RPH Sud clearly focused on this aspect  when they welcomed the Tunisian delegates, before the agreement was signed, thanks to the  support of the French Embassy in Tunis.

The numerous programs produced by these three radio stations, especially the collective multibroadcast program, transmitted from the studios of FM+, on the very day of the signing.