By Michael Nicolai (Radio Corax) – After two months the new government of Christ Democrats and Social Democrats came to their coalition agreement. Through that the situation of the three community radios in Saxonia could improve. Because in the agreement it is written that “community media (non commercial radios) shall be getting more support. An amendment of the statutory basis will bring off an improved funding through that the community radios will ensure their broadcasting and they will get medium-term planning certainty.”

Until today the community radios of Saxonia don’t get any funding from the media authority of the state. The authority always justified the denial of funding out of the broadcast fee with the missing provision of the law. The BFR (national community radio association) demands a quickly amendment of the Saxonian media law to provide public funding for the Saxonian community radios Radio Blau (Leipzig), Radio T (Chemnitz) und Coloradio (Dresden).