April 6, 2014. Tthe Union of Journalists in Madrid (Sindicato de Periodistas de Madrid, SPM) renewed half of its Board members and the strategic plan of the union for the next years. The news here are that it is the first time in Spain that an union of journalist integrate in its Board one person dedicated to the community media and its proffesionals.

In most cases, at least in Spain, journalists from mainstream media and people from community media are a bit reluctant to create links and to recognize the work of the others in the field of communication and information. For these reasons, the decision of the members of the SPM is very important for approaching and establishing of common goals which affects the rights of the citizens to participate in the proccess of communication and democracy.

Among the objectives of this new Board are the reinforcement of the defence of the rights and the work of photojournalists and workers from the public media and community media.