Montreal, April 2, 2015. The World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) have signed a memorandum affirming their shared understanding of communication that challenges injustice.

Through their worldwide networks jointly numbering some 6,000 members in over 130 countries, both organizations seek to empower people to voice their concerns in situations where political, social and cultural constructs lead to oppression or invisibilization.

The intention of both organizations is to pursue a communication strategy that challenges unjust communication and media structures and systems and that works for greater justice.

WACC and AMARC will focus on strengthening community radio (broadcast or Internet) associations and/or networks in areas where community radio is new or in danger and where community radios are advancing communication rights.

Both organizations will continue their work in the long-term participation of women in all aspects of community radio work, encouraging better knowledge and information sharing, and bringing about regulatory environments that support community media.

AMARC is a long-standing and valued partner in the development of community media. I am delighted that we have been able to agree on future cooperation and I look forward to the next round of discussions,” said WACC General-Secretary Rev. Dr. Karin Achtelstetter.

AMARC and WACC are currently working on a joint project called “Fostering communication rights for participative democracy” and exploring the possibility of organizing a seminar or workshop in Canada where both organizations currently have their global offices.

WACC will also take part in AMARC’s General Assembly in Accra, Ghana, 10-14 August 2015.

Commenting on the memorandum, AMARC’s Secretary General, Francesco Diasio said: “This memorandum represents an important milestone. On one hand, it is the acknowledgement of the common work of our organizations, often together, for many years, in the struggle for the empowerment of communities through media. On the other hand, it represents the propellant for a stronger engagement and commitment of both AMARC and WACC towards the promotion of communication rights. I am very pleased and enthusiastic.

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