Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) – The first community radio station of Bhola Island of Bangladesh Community  Radio Meghna 94.4 is going on-air from Charfashion Upazila Sadar. Community Radio Meghna 94.4 will continuously broadcast programs on diversified resources of  the Bay of Bengal and  in protecting lives and livelihood of small fishermen and the small islanders.

Coastal Association for Social Transformation (COAST) Trust initiated community radio Meghna. Presently, 14 community radio stations are on-air and they are broadcasting 120 hours programs per day. A total of nearly 1.000 young men and women are involved as broadcasters in those stations. Community radio stations are going to be popular in that country; it’s approximate audience number is 4.6 million.

Now the poor and marginalized community people of Char Fashion Sadar will have direct access to discuss their own issues through Community Radio Meghna 94.4 . Having a radio at their doorsteps, now the people will have scope to reflect on their problems and prospects in their local dialect. Community Radio Meghna will now contribute in poverty reduction of the people around its community and audience area by ensuring their access to social, economic, cultural and political information and their participation in operating communication outlets.