AMARC Europe brings together community radios and federations in more than 20 European countries and AMARC International has more than 3,000 members worldwide.
With the aim of strengthening the community media sector. The political representation of this broadcasting sector is the principle behind the conduct of our initiatives and actions. A stronger network means more impact. With a focus on political support for our members and the continuous improvement of the framework for community media in Europe through advocacy and lobbying campaigns.

In accordance with our statutes, members must be “up to date” with payment of membership fees in order to have the right to vote at the General Assembly.

Why become an AMARC member ?

AMARC Europe is promoting networking, lobbying and advocacy activities for the European community radio sector with the European Union, Council of Europe, United Nations institutions and civil society and the radio sector. NGO
AMARC Europe provides political support for community media.
AMARC Europe provides an exchange of information on the community radio environment in Europe and beyond.
AMARC Europe regularly organizes events & meetings on topics relevant to the community media sector.
AMARC Europe offers various possibilities for joint projects and activities with European and non-European partners.