AMARC Europe is the membership organization serving the community radio movement across Europe. The political representation of this broadcasting sector is the driving principle of our initiatives and actions. A stronger network means more impact.

In November 2020 AMARC Europe will hold its General Assembly in Brussels/Belgium – detailed information coming soon. In the course of the General Assembly also all applications for new members will be discussed and approved. So, this is now the opportunity to become a full member with AMARC Europe. 

We are also calling on our current members to update their membership details and fees and get in touch if there are any questions via  

We remind you that all the community radios, radio federations or production groups can apply for the full membership. Single persons, researchers or any other radio activist can only apply for the “associated member” status. Please check our website to get more information at this regard.

In line with our statutes, radio stations should be “up to date” with the payment of membership fees in order to have the (active and passive) right to vote during the General Assembly. This means that if the membership fees were not payed in the previous years, we kindly ask you at this stage to update your subscription including the previous unpaid membership fee.

25 Euro for independence? With your AMARC membership fees you join over 300 community radio stations and federations in over 20 European countries and over 3.000 AMARC members worldwide with the aim to strengthen the community media sector in Europe and worldwide.

AMARC Europe is the biggest European community media network with focus on political support for our members and the continuous improvement of the framework for community media in Europe through advocacy and lobbying campaigns.

Through our continuous collaborations and projects with European and international partners, we create a broad variety of opportunities for sector-specific trainings, networking and exchanges for our members. In addition, our members are able to use free of charge our office facilities and meetings rooms at the umbrella organization of Flanders NGOs, unions and solidarity groups ( in the center of Brussels.

Why to become AMARC member? 10 Good reasons to do it. 

  1. AMARC Europe is promoting networking, lobbying and advocacy activities for the European community radio sector with European Union, Council of Europe, UN institutions and the civil society and NGO sector
  2. AMARC Europe promotes and gives visibility to Good and Best-Practice examples within and beyond the community media sector
  3. AMARC Europe provides political support for community media e.g. regulation processes, consultations on community media et al
  4. AMARC Europe opens up for free its office, meeting rooms and infrastructure in Brussels for members e.g. for meetings or events
  5. AMARC Europe provides continue communication and information exchange on the community radio environment in Europe and beyond
  6. AMARC Europe is a multi-channel dissemination platform for information, needs and demands of its members and the community media movement
  7. AMARC Europe is regularly organizing events & meetings on relevant topics for the community media sector
  8. AMARC Europe provides diverse opportunities for common projects and activities with European and Non-European partners. Participation in a Worldwide Movement
  9. AMARC Europe offers possibilities for volunteers e.g. EVSv
  10. Purchase the .radio domain for 25€ per year instead of 300€


You can pay your membership fee via the following options

Bank Transfer

Please transfer your membership fees (minimum 25€ per year) to the following bank account

Account Name: Association Mondiale des Radiodiffuseurs Communautaires Europe
Bank Name: BNP Paribas – Fortis
IBAN: BE46 0016 2258 0836


You can also use PayPal to make your payment. Just use the link and enter the respective amount (minimum 25€ per year)

Become a Member

Regular Member

(25€ per year or more)

Europe-based community radio stations, production groups, national or regional community media associations and federations who adhere the goals of AMARC Europe specified in the AMARC Europe charter can become REGULAR MEMBERS. Regular Members are eligible to vote at the General Assembly.

In the process of registration, your organisation needs to nominate one person as “permanent delegate” to AMARC Europe, who will represent your radio station or federation during meetings, General Assemblies and will function as the main contact point for AMARC Europe.

Associate Member

(25€ per year or more)

Europe-based organisations, who are not community radios or federations, and individuals who adhere the goals of AMARC Europe specified in the AMARC Europe charter, can become Associate Members. Associate Members are not eligible to vote at the General Assembly but have a consultative status at General Assemblies.