Current Projects

Digital Communication Rights for Community Media

Argentina, Bangladesh, Jordan, Morocco, San Salvador, Senegal, South Africa

AMARC Europe is proud to annouce the beginning of a new project supported by UNESCO, “ Fostering digital communication rights for community media”…. read more


Germany, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Spain

“SoundRoutes. Notes to get closer” is a project initiated in 2017 by Marmaduke, a music agency based in Seville (Spain) in cooperation with the Italian NGO Un Ponte Per…, the Bologna Jazz Festival, WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN Berlin and De vergunnin –De Koer (Belgium) with the support of the Creative Europe Progrogramme of the European Commission…. read more

Grassroots Radio

Romania, Portugal, Ireland

The internet has helped to bring people together from all over the world, but it has not helped neighborhoods or communities nearly as well. The Grassroot Wavelengths project is piloting solutions for community information platforms and media pluralism, working to: – lower the barriers to start and sustain a community radio station – create regional and European-wide networks of stations that can pool community-level resources … read more

SMART – Specific Methodologies and Resources for Radio Trainers

Ireland, Germany, Basque Country, Austria, Belgium

SMART offers the opportunity to create radio trainings for community radio. For this purpose SMART collected training units for all relevant sectors of work in community radio. These training units are further geared to the specific needs of special target groups of the trainings. So these training units can also be used for radio training with vision impaired people, people with learning difficulties and migrant women. SMART is focusing on specific training situations and the distinct training framework that exists already within community media…. read more

Empowering Civil Society through Community Media


In the framework of the ‘Empowering Civil Society through Community Media’ project, AMARC Europe, the European branch of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, is supporting the achievement the main objective “Strengthen the role of civil society in promoting human rights and democratic reform, consolidating political participation and representation and having particular regard to women’s rights.”… read more

Past Projects

EMAC – Ethical Media for Active Citizenship

Ireland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium

The change in the media landscape has also impacted the role and social, professional and ethical responsibilities of journalists. To help faciliate media development in view of these changes we have coined the EMAC project. In this project, we are compiling training activities designed to help journalists in different stages of qualification and experience to report more fairly about minorities. The activities can also help in the integration of people from different minorities in their reporting as well as their institutions. We also provide terminology sheets/glossaries with suggestions for using fair language in terms of minorities. The activities are grouped in four categories and published along general guidelines for reporting. Some examples of fair reporting and further information in audio form are provided in three languages as well…. read more

MED NET Civil Society and Media Development

Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine

MED NET – Civil Society and Media Development is a project co-funded by the European Commission and implemented by COSPE Italy, AMARC Europe, Palestinian Youth Union (PYU) – Palestine, Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE) – Egypt, Association Liberté et Dévéloppement (ALD)- Tunisia and the network Chabaka in Morocco, starting on 15 June 2013 until 31 December 2015… read more