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An association governed by the law of July 1, 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901 is hereby founded between the members of the present statutes, with the title :

World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters-Europe

The usual name is AMARC-Europe.


The purpose of AMARC-Europe is to promote the development of community and association radio stations and to act as an organization for consultation, coordination, cooperation, information, exchange, defense and promotion of these radio stations.

In precision of the general principles that inspire its creation, AMARC-Europe pursues the following objectives

– To allow the deepening and the understanding of the concept and the role of the radios of community or associative type,

– To promote these radios as a model of citizen communication, alternative, structured and viable,

– To promote these radios as a tool for information and expression, development, social link, inclusion, peace, justice and solidarity,

– To promote and facilitate cooperation and exchange of information between these radios,

– To defend community and associative radios that respect the values and principles of AMARC if they are threatened by political contexts,

– To contribute to the development of the democratization of communication that responds to the needs and demands of communities and territories for a better local and global balance of information,

– To facilitate the representation of its members on the European and international scene or to represent them there if they request it,

– To represent members in regulatory bodies and radio forums in Europe and worldwide,

– To promote liaison between members on issues of common interest, including the exchange of personnel and communications,

– To support, accompany or undertake technical, legal, societal and cultural research that may be useful to the sector and its local, regional, national, European and international relations,

– To promote the establishment and management of a network of information and solidarity with community radio stations and associations based in developing countries, between the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, the countries of the North and the South, particularly through joint projects and programs,

– To support the development of professional and volunteer training, the preparation of training materials and modules for radio staff and volunteers,

– To undertake such additional activities as may be determined by the General Assembly for the improvement of the above objectives

– To represent Europe within AMARC-International

In the present statutes, the following terms are used

– By “Community and Associative Radio Stations”:

A non-profit radio station providing a service to the community (territory) from which it broadcasts or to which it is addressed, while encouraging, promoting and facilitating the expression and participation of that community. The term “radio associative” is used in some countries, such as France, to designate free, local, territorial radio because of its legal status as a non-profit association. The term “community radio” is used in most countries of the world as a literal translation of “community radio” which designates a type of radio station that is an alternative to commercial and public service radio stations and develops programs of public interest.

– By “Association or Federation”:

Legal, regional, national or international entities formed and controlled by member association and community radio stations.

– By “Production Group”:

A non-profit group with a democratic participatory structure or an association of such a group working to develop community or association radio stations or a group producing programs broadcast by non-community or association radio stations located in geographic areas where no community or association radio stations exist.

– By “AMARC”:

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, known as AMARC, is the international non-governmental organization (INGO) for the promotion, support and development of community radio worldwide, with AMARC-Europe as its European regional representation.

– By “Europe”:

Europe understood in the geographical sense of the term including Russia up to the Urals, Turkey, the countries bordering the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, the countries eligible in the European programs as well as any other country, territory or region determined by the Board of Directors


The head office is located at

La Maison des radios

187 boulevard Anatole France

93200 Saint Denis – France

It may be transferred by simple decision of the Board of Directors.

Article 4 – DURATION

The duration of the association is unlimited.


The members of AMARC-Europe are natural or legal persons who undertake to respect the statutes and regulations and whose application for membership is accepted by the designated authorities. This membership is confirmed by the payment of a membership fee. The association is composed of an unlimited number of regular members (also called active members) and associate members. Members do not incur any personal liability for the commitments of the association.

Active or adherent members, regular members :

An application for membership in AMARC must be made in writing to the Board of Directors, which has a reasonable time to consider it and make its decision. This decision must be ratified at the next General Assembly.

– Legal entities, community radio stations and associations, unions, federations and syndicates, production groups, must meet the following conditions

o Be endowed with legal personality and have been regularly constituted according to the laws and customs of the country of their head office

o Have its headquarters in Europe according to the definition given in article 2

o To adhere to the declaration of principles of AMARC

o Adhere to the present statutes

o Have designated an official representative (called permanent delegate in the present statutes), a natural person chosen from among the members of its own management, its staff, its team of volunteers.

– Only paid-up regular members have the right to vote at meetings of the general management body and enjoy the full rights granted to members by law and these bylaws.

Associate Members:

Associate membership is open to any individual or legal entity who cannot be admitted as a regular member but who wishes to assist the association or participate in its activities and who meets the following conditions:

– To be endowed with legal personality and to have been regularly constituted according to the laws and customs of the country of their registered office

– Have its headquarters in Europe as defined in Article 2

– To adhere to the declaration of principles of AMARC

The association can also welcome particular members:

Honorary members

The status of honorary member is an honorary distinction. This individual, recognized for his or her qualities, constitutes a serious and acquired support to the objective of the association. This distinction can concern people outside the association.

Benefactor members

These are those who have agreed, in order to support the association financially, to pay a contribution of an amount higher than that due by the “active” members, or, more simply, those who regularly send donations to the association.