In our last newsletter we reported on the decision of the Hungarian Media Council to not re-issue the licence for the Community Radio Civil Radio in Budapest. Find here the full statement of Civil Radio on the decision of the Media Council.

Civil Radio will challenge the decision! Read here the new statement on the next steps:

We take our case to the court”
Civil Radio has never been one of the leading media. Rather, its importance and significance have been achieved by speaking about those who have been rarely broadcast by other media. We are producing programmes for and with those who have not been given the opportunity elsewhere. It is painful for us to see a poorer media space without our broadcast in the air.
Our voice stays, and we do not want to remain silent. We will not give up the possibility to broadcast at a frequency. After December 21, 2019, our programs will continue to be heard on the Internet. We do our best to preserve the uniqueness of our sound and develop the surfaces through which our listeners can surely reach us.
We will not reconcile ourselves to the decision of the Media Council. We file a lawsuit to prove in the court that, although the decision was lawfully made , it is still disproportionate and unfair. The first phase of the legal proceedings does not promise a quick outcome, withdrawal of the decision seems illusory. However, in a longer process, we will point out that the current biased media regulation makes our voice weak and prevents us from the practice of an objective approach. We will give evidence that a more balanced and fair media law can bring a freer country, more truthful information for the public.
Legal representation of Civil Radio is provided by The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) with the professional cooperation of Mertek Media Monitor.
We trust that Civil Radio will have frequency, and in the meantime we will continue to broadcast with fresh content and new shows:
We sincerely thank all those who help, support Civil Radio, who are with us, listen to us. Stay with us!
Civil Radio