Sixteen Community Radios stations in Bangladesh have been broadcasting 41 hours Coronavirus prevention education in line with the National Preparedness and Response Plan for COVID – 19, published by Directorate General of Health Services, Health Service Division, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Presently, Bangladeshi Community Radio stations are broadcasting 40 hours awareness raising program per day on prevention of pandemic Coronavirus education for the rural people for  animating CSOs, Government, health service providers and communities for reinforcing collective action, keeping community people’s daily life normal and livelihood function & mobilize further cooperation among government, CSOs, local market and communities’ response

The formats of the COVID – 19 programs are- news, Public Service Announcement (PSA), radio spots, radio talks, magazine, drama, jingles, interviews of local administrations and health officials and expert opinions etc. And the contents are- What is Corona, how to contaminate, symptoms of the patients, advice for the patients, precautionary steps for preventing contamination, what is quarantine, home quarantine, service providers, and service providing agencies and service delivery points, the role of community people and hotline service information of government. Simultaneously, community radios are broadcasting PSA on government orders.

The contents are developing by following the guideline of Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) UNICEF and WHO COVID-19: Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan. Some radios have distributed leaflets in the educational institutions and public places.

Key observations are in the community radio broadcasting areas; the panic among the community people has been reducing gradually and people are taking precautionary measures to prevent contamination of Coronavirus. The audiences are making phone calls and sending SMS during the live broadcasting to share their queries. Besides, the COVID – 19 focal are communicating with the local Corona Prevention Committees for reinforcing information and instructions. Thus, a good coordination has been established between government and private organizations, and community radio stations. This awareness campaign will be continued unto the normal situation is bring back.

The community Radios are Community Radio Padma 99.2 FM, Radio Nalta 99.2 FM, Loko Betar 99.2FM, Radio Pollikontho 99.2 FM, Radio Sagor Giri, 99.2 FM, Radio Mahananda 98.8 FM, Radio Mukti 99.2 FM, Radio Chilmari 99.2FM, Radio Jhenuk 99.2 FM, Krishi Radio 99.8 FM, Radio Naf 99.2 FM, Radio Bikrampur 99.2 FM, Radio Meghna 99.0 FM, Radio Sagor Dwip 99.2FM, Radio Sarabela 98.8 FM, Radio Boral 99.0FM,

BNNRC has formed a monitoring team consists of 5 members. The team is monitoring the situation and providing necessary support to Community Radio stations. Mark Manash Saha acts as the Program Coordinator of the monitoring cell. For any emergencies and query, please contact with- Cell: +88 01712144180, email: