We are very happy and proud to celebrate one year of life of Radio Civic, the community radio born in Romania thanks to the energies generated by the Grassroots Radio project.

It’s been a year since the first shows, rhythms, news were broadcast on the radio:

“I’m Mira, from Radio Civic and I’m presenting the interview with .…”

“I’m Jean Trofimov, from Civic Radio and I invite you to listen to Local Jukebox … ”

“I’m Raluca Lisov, from Radio Civic and I bring you “Vorba buona”.…”

“I’m Alin Gabriel Varenic, from Radio Civic and I want to tell you the history of the Zaporozhian Cossacks and stories in the Ukrainian language .…

“I’m Simona Ana Fortan/ Claudia Titu/ Cristina Abaianet, from Radio Civic and I present the news of the day…”

“I am Elena Cristea, from Radio Civic and I present to you the beauty guide”

“I am Sineta Badea Cazacu and I am going to tell you the Evening Story”.

These are the people, along with the extraordinary commitment and care of Adi Voinea, Dan Manea, Liana Ganea, Mircea Toma and Irina Zamfirescu, who shape the shows of Radio Civic and made possible the existence of this community radio station.

Radio Civic broadcasts audio programs dedicated to audiences belonging to the rural communities of Sfantu Gheorghe and Vârvoru de Jos. In one year these community stations have grown a lot, arranging broad and diverse show schedules and implementing the cutting-edge technologies the Grassroots Radio is able to offer. And they did not spare themselves even during the pandemic, when they organized a nice set of shows to keep the population properly informed as well as cheer listeners up. With joy, we transmit to local residents, every day, the pulse of the community, the tradition and history of the place, the music with the golden voices and the unmistakable rhythms, the life stories of the elders of the place and the wishes of the young people of the future.

Grassroots Radio join Radio Civic’s celebration by listening and singing “Blue Sea, Black Sea” an old traditional song, choral, re-recorded and re-orchestrated by Jean Trofimov. Jean brings to the listeners of Radio Civic Sfântu Gheorghe, every day, day by day, for almost a year, the show “Tonomat local”. But Jean also made his mark in selecting the music that Radio Civic broadcasts throughout the day. In this interview, conducted by Mircea Toma and Mira Bălan, you will hear Jean talking about Sfântu Gheorghe, about the local people, about his musical career and about his involvement in Radio Civic. And you will listen to his version of “Blue Sea, Black Sea” (“Mare Neagră, Mare Albastră”). The story goes on! Happy birthday Radio Civic!