May, 2014. In the federal system of Germany media law is in the hand of the state government and not of the federal government. The result of this regulation is that every state has its own media law and some have a regulation that allows community media but some don’t. Under this aspect the declaration of the governing coalition of Germany contains some remarkable sentences from the point of view of the community radios. The government of Germany emphasises media literacy as one of the key competences in our modern digital society and for participating in media literacy the coalition contract sees the community media playing a role. The federal government and the state government should (the contract says) continue and stabilize the work for better media literacy. The second part in the contract perhaps is much more important. There it’s written, that private (community media in Germany is private, non commercial) and public service media and journalistic content with contribution in the interests of public value should have an access to distribution channels free from discrimination. Allthough community media is not named explicitly in that aspect it is included. This could strengthen its position in a country where community radio or tv doesn’t even exist in all states of Germany or if existing doesn`t get any financial support from the authorities. But scepticism seems to be advisable. Reality shows a leck in the awareness of the media authorities regarding community radio as the actual situation of Berlin/Brandenburg proves. Where in february four community radios requested again the authorities for financial budget to survive and the authorities denied. Perhaps at least the new aspects of the coalition contract could give arguments for the fight for community media in Germany.