On the occasion, the World Radio Day (WRD), the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) joins all its colleagues and partners in the Radio world, reaffirming the crucial role of the community broadcasting sector.

Freedom of communication and expression are always critical in many Regions of the World. While engaging for dialogue, tolerance and peace, community radios are still and too often endangered by the lack of clear legislative frameworks, and equal opportunities in terms of access to the frequency spectrum, broadcasting power and access to information.

Community radios are agent of change. The extreme diversity of this movement and its hyper-local approach, don’t undermine the universal values of social cohesion it pursues. Dialogue, tolerance and peace are the ethos of the community radio sector.

The changing technological environment and the cross-media approach, between traditional radio, on line applications and mobile telephony, can offer unprecedented opportunities for the development of the community radio sector, provided the capacity to fill the gap between those who have and those who have not access to the resources.

In this world of dualities, through various partnerships and projects, AMARC works towards improving the conditions of community radios as a paradigm for a full pluralistic media environment.  Mentoring and training are conducted in several regions to improve the capacities of journalists, new technological solutions are approached and experimented, dialogue and democratic debates over issues, such as migration, climate change or violence against women, are promoted in order to raise awareness among listeners and inspire understanding for new perspectives. AMARC advocates and acts, on the international scene, for the improvement of the security of local and community journalists, and for the communication rights of community broadcasters.

Let’s celebrate community radio together! Join us and the Unesco campaign! Thank you for your participation!


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