lorapicThe move to DAB+ for the Swiss community radios has started. Last year the Swiss OFCOM awarded a radio license to the Digris AG company for the operation of DAB+ islands throughout Switzerland, for small radio stations to be able to access a platform for the digital transmission of their programme services in small-scale areas. This platform is financially much more convenient than the one operated by Swisscom on which the public service and big commercial stations operate. Many community radios don’t have a license and operate currently only via Internet, so also for them this opportunity is relevant.

The Verein Limus was then founded to represent the interests of the UNIKOM (community) radios. A “beauty contest” was carried out to evaluate the attractiveness of local stations for the new DAB platform. Scores were awarded based on the following criteria: enhancing the innovative quality, originality and market potential of DAB; Contribution to diversity of content and opinions; Relevance/connection to the area of coverage regarding information and entertainment. In the region of Zurich Radio LoRa was awarded place 3 out of more than 30 contestants, thanks to the recognition of its unique contribution to freedom of expression, diversity of opinions, cultures and languages.

The latest news is that a place has been secured for LoRa on the DAB+ platform that will start operating in the region of Aarau later this year. Stay tuned for follow up!