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UNIKOM, Swiss Community Radios on DAB+

Le 10 juin, l\’assemblée générale de l\’UNIKOM a élu un nouveau comité d\’administration, qui tient également compte des intérêts commerciaux résultant de l\’expansion de l\’association. Expansion de l\’associationLors de l\’Assemblée générale de 2017, l\’ouverture de l’UNIKOM pour les nouvelles radios DAB+ a été décidée. Un an plus tard, un groupe de \”radios annoncées\” et un groupe de \”radios complémentaires\” ont été… read more

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Movement is visible, palpable, a full-body experience. Movement is political, artistic, social. We look to movement to relax and we get uneasy when our world of movement is restricted. Where does the power to move come from? And what about the power to stand still? How do we feel when our freedom of movement is indefinitely restricted? Or when… read more

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[Covid19] Switzerland: Radio Lora – CoLoRa Info: multilingual info program on Covid19

Wir nehmen unseren Informationsauftrag gerade in dieser Situation sehr ernst, denn eine solidarische und gesellschaftskritische Begleitung dieser Pandemie erscheint uns politisch unerlässlich. Erste Priorität hatte darum das CoLoRa Info mit aktuellen Informationen auf verschiedenen Sprachen (s.u.) Unser Ziel ist, die Leute zu Hause von morgens bis abends zu begleiten. Vielsprachig und vielstimmig, wie ihr es von Radio LoRa kennt. Bleibt gesund –… read more

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Swiss voters reject NoBillag

March 4, 2018. UNIKOM, the Union of non-commercial radios in Switzerland, has acknowledged with great relief the result of the national vote rejecting the NoBillag-initiative. UNIKOM remains committed to ensuring that minorities have platforms for communication and self-expression and that they are empowered to use such platforms.
“The vote is also a recognition of the work of thousands of volunteers… read more

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European Media Organizations support Swiss public service and local TV and radio stations

Freedom of information at risk through the NoBillag-initiative
February 14th, 2018. On March 4th Swiss citizens will decide through a national vote whether to abolish the media reception  fee, previously collected through the company Billag (hence the initiative’s name “NoBillag”). The current Swiss media system is comprised of public service, private and community media, each sector with its specific functions… read more

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Switzerland: Radio Lora on DAB+

The move to DAB+ for the Swiss community radios has started. Last year the Swiss OFCOM awarded a radio license to the Digris AG company for the operation of DAB+ islands throughout Switzerland, for small radio stations to be able to access a platform for the digital transmission of their programme services in small-scale areas. This platform is… read more