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The internet has helped to bring people together from all over the world, but it has not helped neighborhoods or communities nearly as well. The Grassroot Wavelengths project is piloting solutions for community information platforms and media pluralism, working to:

  • lower the barriers to start and sustain a community radio station
  • create regional and European-wide networks of stations that can pool community-level resources
  • co-innovate collaborative media services
  • increase the permeability and impact of those stations through acombination of existing digital and nondigital technologies

Grassroot Wavelengths brings together engineers, social scientists, artists, designers, and communities to redesign community radio technology from scratch.

Recent News

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Grassroots Project: Happy birthday, Radio Civic!

We are very happy and proud to celebrate one year of life of Radio Civic, the community radio born in Romania thanks to the energies generated by the Grassroots Radio project. It’s been a year since the first shows, rhythms, news were broadcast on the radio: “I’m Mira, from Radio Civic and I’m presenting the interview with .…” “I’m Jean Trofimov, from Civic Radio… read more

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Grassroots Radio on Coronavirus — Report from Romania

As the Coronavirus is spreading across Europe, Grassroots Radio project partners (including AMARC Europe) are devoting their energies to arrange information initiatives to keep local populations informed about data and events connected to the health emergency. Additionally, there are members of the consortium who are also active to monitor governmental decisions regarding the organization of information about the virus. This… read more

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Grassroots Radio Project celebrates World Radio Day 2020

AMARC Europe as part of the Grassroots Radio Project wants to share the statement of the project for World Radio Day 2020 and wishes all project members and partners a Happy World Radio Day\” For this occasion, the project team has produced several video clips and released a press statement. The clips are made in English, Romanian and Portuguese, in… read more

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Grassroots Radio at the Ethnographies of Collaborative Economi(es) Conference

Grassroots Radio has been presented at the Ethnographies of Collaborative Economi(es) Conference, which took place in Edinburgh (UK) on October 25, 2019. Mariacristina Sciannamblo (AMARC Europe) discussed the paper titled “Co-designing collaborative care work through ethnography”, co-authored with Roberto Cibin (M-ITI), Petra Žišt (M-ITI), Chris Csíkszentmíhalyi (M-ITI), and Maurizio Teli (Aalborg University). The paper addresses a number of issues –… read more

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AMARC at the ECREA Radio Research Conference 2019

AMARC joined the 6th Conference of the Radio Research Section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), which was held in the lovely setting of the University of Siena (Italy), on September 19-21. Several interesting keynote speeches and pieces of research have been presented, highlighting the variety and vivacity of the radio sector across and beyond Europe. The first keynote… read more

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On Thursday 5th and Friday 6th of September 2019, the Grassroots Radio consortium celebrated the third general assembly of the project, hosted in the friendly building of 11.11.11. – the coalition of NGOs, unions, movements and various solidarity groups in Flanders (Dutch speaking Northern part of Belgium) – in Brussels. The meeting has seen participation of all the members of the… read more

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Grassroot project “We are on air”

The Grassroot Radio project is piloting solutions for community information platforms and media pluralism, working to lower the barriers to start and sustain a community radio station, create regional and European-wide networks of stations that can pool community-level resources, co-innovate collaborative media services and increase the impact of those stations through a combination of existing digital and nondigital technologies…. read more

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AMARC Europe attends Workshop on Digital Social Innovation

Bruxelles 26 April: Digital Social Innovation (DSI4EU) and Nesta Foundation organised a high level workshop with the topic “The road ahead for digital social innovation: How can the EU support tech as a force for empowerment and social impact?\” AMARC Europe attended this workshop as partner of the Grassroots Wavelength project.

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Romania: first licenses for community radios

Technological changes, high connectivity, and participation all fits in a bucket

For the first time in Romania, two community radio station licenses have been issued in the framework of the  European project Grassroot Wavelengths. The new high-tech FM stations will broadcast in, engage with, and serve two remote villages of Romania.

The Grassroot Wavelengths consortium innovates both the technologies and the… read more

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