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Community Radio: FM and digitalisation- Platform distribution and Community Radio in Europe

AMARC EU TEAM / CMFE – At the present, one of the main concerns of community radios in Europa are what digital platform or platforms will be finally used in the different countries among many options: DAB, DAB+, DRM30, DRM+, DVB-T2 Lite, Broadband, 5G…
In this context, the media advisor in Stockholm (Sweden) Christer Hederström have compiled a green… read more

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First Broadcast in Sweden with New Digital Radio Technology

DRM+ Enables Digitalization in the FM Band

The Stockholm region is testing the new digital radio system DRM+ . The test trial is run with a DRM+ transmitter on the 97.0 MHz FM band with a power of 500 Watts. The first six months test trials are made in consultation with the Post- and Telecom Authority in Sweden (PTS).
Operating this trial… read more

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Multi-Standard Digital Radio Receiver Chip Supporting DAB/DAB+, DRM+ and FM Radio

Siano, a supplier of mobile broadcast DTV solutions, announced the launch of SMS2160, a new multi-standard digital radio receiver chip designed for automotive and portable/mobile consumer electronics applications. It supports T-DMB/DAB/DAB+, DRM+, and FM Radio, including RDS/TMC. The newly released chip is particularly addressed to the emerging markets of DAB+ in Europe, and DRM+ in Asia and around… read more

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Student Radio Goes DRM+ in Germany

The student radio “bit express” in Erlangen in cooperation with Fraunhofer IIS is from December 11 is broadcasting their new transmitter on 87.9 MHz using DRM+.
This frequency was assigned for test transmissions by the Bavarian regulatory authority BLM. With the set-up of the final hardware, “bit express” will be on air with DRM+ on a regular basis. For the first time the new enhanced codec xHE-AAC… read more

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