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The future of the “radiocamp” – Die Zukunft des Radiocamps

The traditional annual radiocamp at Lake Constance, Germany, has had turbulent times lately – and some may still be ahead.

Since the beginning of the millenium, radio-enthusiast gather together annually for the radiocamp in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

After the sudden and shocking death of the main organiser, Timo Stadler, in 2015 the camps future came into question. In 2016 an alternative camp was organised by 2 radio… read more

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BFR Conference in Ulm, 5-8 November 2015

From 5 to 8 November 2015 the Federal Association of Free Radios (BFR) will be holding their annual Conference, this year hosted by Radio freeFM in Ulm. As every year, the conference will be holding discussions, workshops and panels that will comes with different themes strands around a common exchange to media policy, programme and technology for community radio stations and other emancipatory and independent media… read more

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Six Syrian radio stations unite their efforts to improve independent local media

On November 18 2014, the Association of Independent Syrian Radio Stations (ABRAJ) was launched. Its goal is to create and support new local radio stations dedicated to promote easy access to information in Syria and provide a balanced content that takes the people´s needs into consideration. The organization is also developing solidarity mechanisms towards radio stations and journalists in emergency situations.

The following radio… read more